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Why Lineage II ACME?
Our team has worked on private servers for over a decade. We offer stability, safety, experience and dedication unrivalled in the scene.
Will I be able to purchase gear for my characters, e.g. ACME x35?
My activation mail hasn’t arrived. What should I do?
You should check your spam folder first, before resending the mail. There is a high chance that you received it there. If you still can’t find it you can resend the mail by visiting this link:
Or email us directly at support@l2acme.com.
Is multiboxing allowed?
Players are allowed to be logged in on maximum 3 characters.

You can read more about rules on Project Avellan servers here:
I have a problem. Where should I look for help?
You can also join our Discord server and ask for assistance in the #free-talking tab or email us directly at support@l2acme.com.
Where can I find more information about L2ACME or join the community?
Is this going to be a Russian/Ukrainian server?
Absolutely not! L2ACME is an international platform. Our support staff is proficient in English, English language will be enforced on public channels and all Lineage II ACME related platforms, and official news and updates are going to be communicated in English.