Refund policy

Project Avellan Donation Coins ("Donation Coins") is the virtual currency used on the Website.

Virtual Items ("Virtual Items") are in-game virtual items that L2ACME delivers through use of the Website store in exchange for Donation Coins.

Services (the "Services") are in-game services that L2ACME delivers through use of the Website store in exchange for Donation Coins.

The act of exchanging Donation Coins into Virtual Items or Services through use of the Website will be referred to as an In-game Purchase within this policy.

In order to purchase L2ACME Donation Coins or make an In-game Purchase you must be registered to and logged into the Website, using a personal L2ACME account ("Website account").

This refund policy only covers faults that impair the usage of L2ACME Donation Coins. Since L2ACME Donation Coins are non-tangible, irrevocable goods we do not provide refunds after they are purchased, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing Donation Coins on the Website.

L2ACME will however, offer a refund for In-game Purchases within twenty-four hours of purchase, so long as the Virtual Items or the Services have not been consumed, modified or transferred. If any of the Virtual Items or Services contain faults upon being given access to them you should inform L2ACME immediately. Any refund request past the twenty-four hour mark will be reviewed at L2ACME's sole discretion.

Refunds are designed to remove the risk from purchasing faulty Virtual Items or Services — not as a way to obtain them for free. If it appears to us that you are abusing refunds, we may stop offering them to you.

Accidental purchases of L2ACME Donation Coins that occur as a result of a technical fault in the payment system you have used must be disputed with the respective payment processor.

L2ACME is not responsible for any technical faults, malfunctions or issues arising at payment processors. L2ACME is not in charge of handling any credit/debit and bank data used to obtain L2ACME Donation Coins.

L2ACME reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Website account when any refund is issued under any circumstance.

To contact us regarding refunds, send an email to: