Grand Opening! 7 months ago

On the opening Date =GM=Event will hand out gift boxes to a few lucky players!

The =GM=Event will announce the event details in the game and on our Discord server after the grand opening.

This will include information about the duration and specific time when the event will take place.

Make sure to stay active in the game to earn the reward's!

Join us in forging memorable adventures, forming alliances, and conquering challenges together.

Remember, in L2ACME's server, you are not just players; you are part of our family.

We appreciate your patience, understanding, and unwavering dedication to our community.
Does the mystery box contain only one reward?
Of course not! The mystery box contains a variety of rewards, including BEWS, BEAS, Boost runes, and various mystical rewards that are randomly generated each time.
Where will the event take place?
The =GM=Event will announce the event location and the approximate start time with a window of around 60 minutes in the game and on our Discord server. Therefore, it is important to stay active in the game to be eligible for the significant collective reward.

Welcome to the golden world of L2ACME!

Best regards, L2ACME Team